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Southern California CCTV inspecting

Affordable Pipeline Services has the latest in mobile technology for video pipeline inspections. Our technicians use video robots that transmit visual images of the pipeline being inspected while being narrated, dated and itemized. This technology allows us to inspect lines from 6” to 60” with incredible clarity which allows us to identify trouble areas, provide a history and schedule preventative maintenance.

Our specially trained team has been providing exceptional service to its clients since 1999 and has over 75 combined years of inspection and cleaning experience. We has assessed thousands of miles of sewer and storm lines throughout Southern California and our team represents the best in the industry.

CCTV Inspection Services

  • 3 CCTV trucks
  • Hand carry equipment for remote access
  • Various transporters for pipe ranging from 6”to 180”
  • Self-leveling push cameras for pipe 6” and smaller
  • Large diameter pipe cameras capable of traversing a reasonable amount of accumulated grit and debris
  • Floating inspection capability from 24” to 144”
  • State-of-the-art inspection software
  • Integrated GIS software for CCTV inspections