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Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc.

The right tools for your drain-cleaning needs

Handheld augers

Most smaller, lighter duty projects require hand held augers with a specialized crawl head that helps navigate the smaller pipes and difficult turns. This helps us in preventing damage where other aggressive machines may cause costly repairs. A tool of this variety is great for bathtubs, showers, bath sinks, some clothes washer drains and other smaller drains where navigating larger tools is difficult.

Electric drill augers

For those smaller drains that can be really tough, stepping up to an electric motorized drill auger is the right tool for the job. In the hands of a skilled Affordable Drain Service technician, this machine can also be used for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, bath sinks and clothes washer drains. This machine is designed to cut through hair, grease, food and other tough debris quickly and effectively.

Mid-sized machines

This machine can be used for residential and commercial kitchen sinks. With extended lengths of 75 to 100 feet, we can reach the long connections that the others guys can’t get. It is ideal for working from clean outs, some waste arms and other points of access. With almost 300 rpm and specialized cutting blades, we can clean those tough greasy restaurant lines or residential lines that have been built up over the years.

Full-sized machines

When your main line is backed up, there’s no time waste. Our main line machines are heavy duty and can cut though those root intrusions, clear away extreme grease stoppages and get that line open. With the ability to clean 3 to 6 inch lines, we can reach up to 150 feet. This machine can be used at the clean out, the toilet flange and other points of access. Also with 300 rpm and special cutting blades, our Technicians can clean the main line for your home, commercial property or rental properties. In some instances, Camera Inspections, Line Locations or High Pressure Jetting systems can be requested by our clients. Learn more about camera inspections and high-pressure jetting.