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Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc. Affordable Drain Service Inc.

Commercial property drain maintenance

Affordable Drain Service is also able to meet all of your commercial needs. Apartment complexes, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, pool drains, area and storm drains, industrial facilities, parks and recreation facilities all have very special and different needs. Our technicians have the experience to handle those large sewer lines, storm and irrigation lines that have become clogged or impacted with roots or other debris.

Each of these areas has specific needs. These issues can be heavy grease build up, cast iron scale, root intrusions, beach sand or other foreign debris. We will assess your problem and approach your special need with special resolve. High Pressure Hydro Jetting with specific heads at specific psi are used in conjunction with sewer cameras to clear these areas and locate possible troubled areas.

Sewer cameras are used to view 3” main lines up to 8” main lines. This allows us to accurately diagnose and locate a specific problem with a high degree of accuracy. Cameras also allow us to locate position, direction and depth of these lines.

We can provide a narrated recording to USB for a small charge, when requested at the time of service.

Preventative maintenance is very effective in reducing the frequency of stoppages or in most cases able to prevent stoppage from happening in the first place. Learn more about preventative maintenance programs.